At Sovereign, we are proud to have a depth of insurance expertise on our team. Please read each of the stories below to learn why experienced insurance professionals chose Sovereign:

What attracted me to Sovereign?

Senior Property Specialist

“The first thing was the reputation of local management and the positive attitude. I also liked the idea of the realignment of the underwriting appetite towards more difficult accounts.  It sounded like the perfect opportunity to make a personal impact within a smaller company.  Most importantly, I really liked the work/life balance culture that I was told about before and during the interview.”

What Sovereign offers that is important to me…

Claims Specialist/Team Leader

“I like that Sovereign is a small company. This means that you are not just one of thousands of employees and that you can make an impact.  Now that I am working at Sovereign, I value being treated with respect and being consulted & listened to.  I really feel that management believes that employees may have something to add to the conversation. The work/life balance really exists. They don't just promote it, but really mean it. I love that Sovereign is a Canadian company (locally owned & managed with profits that stay in Canada). The Canadian aspect is a big deal and cannot be understated as many insurers are foreign owned. Sovereign places a great deal of value on social responsibility.  I was never focused on it, but now that I am aware of it as part of Sovereign’s Vision & Values I fully agree.  Being a catalyst for a sustainable society really matters.”

Why I chose to apply to Sovereign

Senior Property and Casualty Underwriter

“I chose Sovereign because I liked the possibility of working for an insurer that was interested in writing larger accounts (specific class of business) and the challenges associated with it. Internal training is also offered via video-conference which is encouraged. I admired Sovereign's work methods and underwriting approach, which trusts the underwriter to review and analyze an account rather than simply run through the usual procedures. I really liked the idea of being part of The Cooperators Group of Companies and an established and stable financial group. Of course, the most important element, on a personal level, is the positive and dynamic work environment.  Before submitting my application, I had a very positive conversation with a Sovereign employee to try and get a picture of what it was like working at Sovereign.  I found this very helpful.”

Why Sovereign interested me

Senior Commercial Automobile Underwriter

 “I was told Sovereign had a good down to earth management team to work with who fully supported the staff and appreciate everyone's abilities and work. Now that I am at Sovereign, I see the great team spirit, the good benefits and the remuneration package. Everything I was told was very true.”

Why I sent my resume to Sovereign

Property and Casualty Underwriter

“Based on their reputation within the industry and the broker community, I only offered my resume to one company: The Sovereign General Insurance Company.”