Should a major event occur, we will oversee and adjust our policyholder’s claims, leaving you to focus on the needs of your family, friends and business.  With our dedicated team of business partners we will deal with our policyholder’s claims swiftly and efficiently.

Plan Objectives

  • Fast and efficient response by The Sovereign General Insurance in providing customer service and indemnity.
  • Plan of action to help streamline new claims received.
  • Proactive presence at or near the site of the catastrophe to respond to the situation.

Preparedness Plan

  • Immediately following the event, we will notify our resources to put their plans into action.
  • The emergency line will be activated to accept claim reports. (1-877-268-5888)
  • If required, satellite phones will be used to ensure communications are available.
  • Once authorities permit access, management and claims staff will attend the site to assess the severity of the damage and set up the necessary framework to respond to the situation.

Recommended website for guide to prepare B.C. families for surviving a major earthquake:

Our CatPlan hotline (when activated) is: 1-877-268-5888