Sovereign’s Residential Surety group offers new homebuilders THE Tarion Warranty bondS and Deposit Protection Insurance THEY NEED to comply with provincial legislation, as well as meet purchaserS’ demands for both warranty and deposit protection services.

What is Residential Surety?

Residential Surety is the provision of Bonds and Insurance facilities that backstop a developer’s obligations with respect to provincial legislation.  In Ontario Sovereign provides surety bonds to the Tarion Warranty Corporation to satisfy registration and warranty requirements for new home builders within the province.

Sovereign also offers additional purchaser Deposit Protection Insurance (“DPI”) to developers that is designed to protect purchasers’ deposits in excess of provincial minimums.  

It is this combination of Bonds and DPI that ensures that every dollar of a purchasers deposits collected are protected and can even be utilized to help fund project costs.

Applications and Additional Resources

To apply for Residential Surety, simply download the Sovereign Residential Surety Application and Work in Progress (“WIP”) forms; fill them out and submit them to our team at your convenience.

Who can we contact for more information or to discuss our project?


left to right: Steve Irwin, Tanvir Rakhra, Tanya Radtchenko, Hiliary Scarlett

Our friendly Residential Surety Team stands ready to assist you at your convenience.

Steve Irwin
Manager, Residential Surety
Phone.: (647) 826-5230

Tanvir Rakhra
Senior Surety Underwriter
Phone.: (647) 826-5222

Tanya Radtchenko
Senior Surety Underwriter
Phone.: (416) 673-5083

Hiliary Scarlett
Senior Surety Underwriter
Phone: (647) 826-5221